Room Rentals

Need a comfortable, well lit space for your next meeting, workshop, project, program, Rec class or birthday party? Join the numerous groups that access our Community Centre's room rentals on a one time and/or regular basis.  We offer a wide range of room options to suit your needs, at reasonable rates.

  1st Hour  2nd Hour Half Day Full Day
Boardroom $35 $65 $90 $120
Rose Room $25 $50 $70 $90
Youth Centre $35 $65 $90 $120
Family Room $35 $65 $90 $120
Community Room $45 $70 $100 $150
Licensed Kitchen $35 $50 $75 $100

*An added fee of $20/hr is charged when space is required outside of regular business hours, to cover the cost of a building attendant

Boardroom - includes two large tables (3x6), 22 chairs (room for additional), white board, media screen, bulletin board and additional surface space for equipment or storage use. [350 sq ft: 18.39 x 19.03]

Rose Room - casual and bright, with a leather couch, loveseat and 2 chair, 4 stacking chairs with room for additional, 2 folding tables (3x5), coffee and end tables [308 sq ft: 19.21`x16.06].

Youth Centre - fun for all ages with a pool table, air hockey, projection screen, tables, seating and more. Perfect for birthdays! [ 902 sq ft: 29.29x30.82]

Family Room - With a comfortable couch and chairs for adults, and a comfortable couch and chairs for children, this space is perfect for parenting or mentoring classes, family events, young children's birthday parties and more. Equipped with a washroom, counter space with built in sink, access to the kitchen, tables, books and play space. This room is large enough to push furniture and equipment to the side in order to host a comfortable meeting space for adults. A folding wall separates this and the Community Room, allowing room for multiple activities during the same event [866 sq ft: main section measurements 19.30x39.99]

Community Room - The chameleon room -  suitable for young children to play in, with access to an outdoor play space, yet large enough to host your next AGM! Equipped with a projector screen, counter and built-in sink, direct access to the commercial kitchen, two washrooms (child friendly), chalkboard, tables and chairs for both children and adults...endless possibilities. The folding wall adjoined to the Family Room will provide double the space when required [1200 sq ft: 32.61x36.8]

Licensed Kitchen - a large space with commercial refrigerator, 2 electric ranges, 3 sinks, commercial sanitizer and ample counter space. With window access to the Family Room and door access to the Community Room, ease of use is heightened when combined with other room bookings.


For more information on how to rent space at our centre, please contact Tesla, the Facilities Coordinator

*Please note that booking requests take up to a week to process. 

Phone: 250-388-7696 Ext. 222     E-mail: